Text 20 Oct UNGARO

UNGARO photo shoot, Berlin 20/10/2009

Video 20 Oct

Photo shoot for UNGARO men fashion accessories. 2010 Collection

Video 20 Oct

behind the scenes. Photo shoot UNGARO 20/10/2009

Text 27 Sep Jean-Louis Scherrer

Jean-Louis Scherrer photo shoot, Sydney 27/09/2009

Video 27 Sep

Photo shoot for Jean-Louis Scherrer fashion accessories. 2010 Collection 

Video 27 Sep

behind the scene video for Jean-Louis Scherrer 27/09/2009

Text 24 Sep Charles Jourdan

Charles Jourdan photo shoot, Sydney 24/09/2010

Video 24 Sep

Photo shoot for Charles Jourdan fashion accessories. 2010 Collection

Video 24 Sep

behind the scenes:  Charles Jourdan accessories photo shoot 24/09/2010

Text 21 Jun DJAAFAR

Photo shoot for DJAAFAR stopover weekender bags 2009 Collection. Sydney  

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